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Mr. Shahzad Sadiq

Joint Replacement Specialist
Trauma Specialist

Mr Shahzad Sadiq is senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who was appointed at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in November 2006.

Mr Shahzad Sadiq specialises exclusively in hip and knee replacement surgery. His data which is recorded in National Joint Registry shows that he has performed more than 1000 hip replacements and more than 500 knee replacement surgery in last 10 years. He has specialist interest in dealing with periprosthetic fracture surgery around hip and knee implants and has performed more than 150 such operations in last 15 years since his appointment at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.


Hip Replacement

  • Cemented Total Hip Replacement
  • Uncemented Total Hip Replacement
  • Hybrid Total Hip Replacement

There are two main types Cemented and Uncemented implants. Implants are chosen to best fit to the patient bone quality, bone structure and sometime patient choice. Ceramic and Plastic Bearing implants are increasingly being used and have proved safer than metal on metal hip replacements.


Total Knee Replacement

Mr Sadiq regularly performs total knee replacement surgery both in the NHS and Private Hospitals. National Joint Registry data confirmed that the total knee replacement results so far are superior to the results of partial knee replacement in terms of revision surgery to knee joint. Mr Sadiq would only offer knee replacement surgery provided, all non-surgical or simple options have been exhausted and knee joint is severely damaged.


Trauma Surgery

Mr Sadiq regularly perform more than 100 trauma surgery operations each year. He is expert in fixation of long bone fractures such as complex tibial fractures , clavicle fractures, wrist fractures and hip fracture surgery. He is also frequently referred cases of failed first surgery of hip and knee joints. He specialises in long bones non-union such as tibia, clavicle, humerus and femoral shaft fractures.


Why Choose Specialist Joint Replacement Surgeon?

The national joint registry data support the evidence that surgeons performing higher volume of surgery are likely to have better outcome.

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